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Ornot Bike


Concept Development, Sketch Ideation, Design Development, Pattern Making, Prototyping, Final Sample Fabrication, Pattern Layout, 

Ornot Bike is a San Francisco based company designing well thought out cycling apparel that focuses on sustainable and domestic manufacturing.


Ornot was looking to design a handlebar bag based on an existing bag but make it better. After multiple rounds of prototyping and testing, the result was the Bar Bag, a simple yet functional bag that featured side pockets for additional storage. The Bar Bag helped normalize the use of handlebars bags on everyday rides instead of carrying items in jersey pockets. The popularity of the design of the Bar Bag has since been emulated by other companies. 


The Macgyver was an accessory pouch to accompany the Bar Bag. The ideal was to create a small bag or pouch for tools, snacks and any other small items. The result was a multifunctional pouch that could be placed under the bike’s saddle, the rider’s jersey pocket, in the Bar Bag, placed on the handlebars as a mini handlebar bag etc.

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